Dannevirke Community Board

Minutes of a meeting of the Dannevirke Community Board held in the Council Chamber, 26 Gordon Street, Dannevirke on Tuesday 6 April 2021 commencing at 1.00pm.


1.               Present

Board Members P F Walshe (Chairperson), T J Hynes (Deputy Chairperson), W R Macdonald and Cr E L Peeti-Webber (Council appointed Community Board member).

In Attendance

Mr R Taylor         -        Manager - Democracy Services

Ms A Rule            -        Economic Development Advisor


2.               Apologies


That an apology be sustained from Board Member Kim Spooner-Taylor for non-attendance at the meeting.

Peeti-Webber/Macdonald                                                                             Carried

3.               Public Forum


Town Signage


Economic Development Advisor Angela Rule presented the town signage project and land of ranges district branding, and invited board members to determine their preferences for images and colours to be used for Dannevirke signs.


Board members will discuss this matter regarding the course of action they propose be taken, and confirm their intentions at next month’s meeting.

4.               Personal Matters



5.               Notification of Items Not on the Agenda


The following matters are notified as items of general business not on the agenda for discussion at today’s meeting:

·         Dannevirke 150th anniversary

·         Cole Street community walkway

6.               Confirmation of Minutes


That the minutes of the Dannevirke Community Board meeting held on 1 March 2021 (as circulated) be confirmed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

Hynes/Macdonald                                                                                           Carried

7.               Matters Arising from the Minutes


Driver Licence Testing in Dannevirke (Item 3.1)


Deputy Chairperson Board Member Terry Hynes is following up with VTNZ matters raised by the Hearing Association Dannevirke at the Board’s previous meeting relative to acknowledging the former arrangement of their premises being used free of charge for driver licence testing.


This is now undertaken at Tararua Community Youth Services premises, and they are arranging signage on Hall and Gordon Streets to provide directions to their venue to access that service.


Community Board Flag  (Item 7.3)


The community board flag purchased to promote the Board’s identity has arrived and been received by the Chairperson.


Wackrow Memorial Youth Award (Item 7.4)


Board Member Kim Spooner-Taylor has collated the responses received to the survey sent to previous winners of the Wackrow Memorial Youth Award.


Anzac Day Community Concert (Item 7.5)


Board Member Ross Macdonald is finalising the arrangements of the programme for this year’s Anzac Day community concert held in the Dannevirke Town Hall.


Carnegie Building (Item 12.1)


Windows have been boarded up by Council to lessen the potential for damage through vandalism to the Carnegie building.


District Tour (Item 11.2)


Cr Erana Peeti-Webber will follow up the suggestion of providing a ramp at the Dannevirke transfer station recycling facilities containers to make them more easily accessible.


Board members held a tour to visit the areas of Wimbeldon/Herbertville/Akitio and Pongaroa, and this was successful in engaging with residents in these rural communities.

8.                Tararua District Council Report



That the report of the Tararua District Council meeting held on 31 March 2021 (as tabled) be received.


Macdonald/Walshe                                                                                         Carried


9.                Reports from Board Representatives Appointed to Organisations and Assigned Responsibilities


Dannevirke Chamber of Commerce


Deputy Chairperson Board Member Terry Hynes reported Dannevirke Chamber of Commerce is arranging an after five’s meeting with a motivational speaker held on 20 April 2021 in the MCI and Associates meeting room.


The impact of bank closures, reduced trading hours and phasing out of cheques is the subject of a survey undertaken by Dannevirke Chamber of Commerce, with the outcome to be provided to the Mayor as information for lobbying Government about the loss of rural banking services.


The development of the Dannevirke Chamber of Commerce website is being progressed.


Tararua Community Youth Services


Deputy Chairperson Board Member Terry Hynes reported Tararua Community Youth Services is planning holiday programme arrangements, and the KaiPai project is working successfully in conjunction with various agencies and organisations throughout the district.


This operates as a food rescue service to get food out to whanau in need before it goes to the landfill.


Dannevirke Information Centre


Board Member Ross Macdonald reported the position of part-time assistant to provide back up for the Dannevirke Information Centre Manager is vacant, and an appointment to undertake that role is to be considered.


Dannevirke and District A and P Association


Deputy Chairperson Board Member Terry Hynes reported Dannevirke small holders auction is held at the A and P showgrounds on 17 April 2021.


Tararua District Road Safety Group


Chairperson Board Member Pat Walshe reported on the Tararua District Road Safety Group meeting held on 23 March 2021, including reference to the following matters:

·         There were no representatives from Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency, New Zealand Police, Automobile Association or Accident Compensation Corporation in attendance at that meeting.


·         Horizons Regional Council Road Safety Coordinator Debbie Webster has been undertaking child restraint/seat belt checks of vehicles in the district.


·         Tararua Alliance sponsored ten child restraints for use in the community, and these will be made available on a case by case basis.


·         Heavy vehicle movements are increasing within the district, and the capacity of bridges to cope with larger trucks (high productivity motor vehicles) is an issue being monitored.


·         Where there are vehicles over banks on roads being used as alternative routes resulting from the closure of the Manawatu Gorge (particularly the Saddle Road) these need to be removed in terms of detracting from the appearance of the environment.


·         Options for funding a driving simulator for the district are being considered.


·         Reporting of small accidents/incidents and near misses is encouraged to enable data to be collated from the perspective of improving the road safety aspect.


Deputy Chairperson Board Member Terry Hynes requested future consideration be given to the speed restrictions on roads used for walking by pedestrians relative to routes such as Adelaide Road, Smith Road and Tipapakuku Road.

10.             Correspondence


That the correspondence as listed be received.

(a)  Society of St Vincent de Paul Dannevirke                            17 January 2021

Re: Thanks for donation to support foodbank


(b)  Sport Manawatu Tararua Recreation Advisor                        3 March 2021

Re: Request for financial assistance with cost of hiring Dannevirke Town Hall as the venue for the Tararua Sports Awards


Hynes/Peeti-Webber                                                                                       Carried


Sport Manawatu


That Sport Manawatu be granted the sum of up to $688 (plus GST) from the Board’s discretionary funds as assistance to offset the cost of hiring the Dannevirke Town Hall as the venue for the Tararua Sports Awards held on 7 May 2021.

Peeti-Webber/Macdonald                                                                              Carried



General Assistance Grants Scheme 2020/2021


Deputy Chairperson Board Member Terry Hynes declared a conflict of interest in the application of Tararua Community Youth Services, and abstained from discussion and determining the amount of funding granted to that organisation.


That the following grants be approved for disbursement from the Dannevirke Community Board’s General Assistance Grants Scheme for the 2020/2021 annual funding allocation.

    Name                                           Project                                             Amount Granted



Central and Southern Hawke’s Bay Show jumping Group

Hire show grounds for show jumping and show hunter event

$      500.00

Norsewood Hovding Community Hall

Replace windows and cladding

$     2,000.00

Norsewood Pioneer Museum

Line attic and install a lockable door

$    1,200.00

Norsewood Pottery Group    

Kiln controller

$      500.00

PWAK Youth Group

Annual youth and whanau snow camp

$      500.00


Rangatira Croquet Club

Extend water supply pipeline 

$       351.00

Rua Roa Community Hall Society

Replace ceiling

$    2,500.00

Tararua Community Youth Services

Construct shade sail

$       700.00

Tararua REAP

Large screen television and video conferencing facilities for boardroom style meetings

$       700.00

Dannevirke Gallery of History

Operational grant

$      1,500.00


Total amount granted



$   10,451.00


Peeti-Webber/Macdonald                                                                               Carried

12.             Chairman’s Remarks




Thanks are conveyed to Sue Emeny for reporting on the Board’s meetings in her role as Hawke’s Bay Today Dannevirke News reporter, with best wishes extended for her retirement and future plans.

13.             Items Not on the Agenda


Dannevirke 150th Anniversary


Deputy Chairperson Board Member Terry Hynes raised for consideration whether there are any plans for the Board to be involved as part of forming a committee to arrange events to recognise the occasion of Dannevirke’s 150th anniversary next year.


Cole Street Community Walkway


Deputy Chairperson Board Member Terry Hynes reported the Cole Street community walkway project committee is working with Tararua Alliance on a safety issue regarding getting pedestrians safely over the bridge.


As a result of the need to address that concern the Cole Street community walkway project will be delayed until a satisfactory option is agreed, along with determining the basis for funding the additional costs involved.


There being no further business the Chairperson thanked those present for their attendance and contributions, and declared the meeting closed at 2.15pm.